Toms shoes

Toms shoes

Toms shoes is a brand that achieved worldwide success in 2006. They sold more than 100 million shoes of the One for One collection. However, nowadays they are also more involved with society. With 33% of their sales they support social causes and mainly local organizations within the community. For children in need one or more pairs of shoes are made available. So you have a good shoe and at the same time give a good shoe to the poorer people in the world. Meanwhile, there are already 60 million children worldwide helped with a pair of shoes.

How did the Toms shoes brand start?

Founder Blake Mycoskie of Toms shoes had the idea to start in the shoe industry and make a difference. He thought it was important that children in poor families deserved a good pair of shoes. Blake worked with John Whitledge who designed the shoes for him. The first collection was immediately available in many different colors. These shoes were also characterized by the use of different patterns and materials. He managed to sell 10.000 shoes in 1 year. It is still a fairly new brand that is not very well known in the Netherlands. However, in England and the United States it is impossible to imagine life without it in the standard collection of many shoe stores. Every shoe you can think of for men or women is available from this brand. In this way we can all do our bit for the people living in poverty.

What is the driving force behind this rapidly growing brand?

The motivation behind Toms shoes is to give society and people who cannot afford it a chance to have shoes of a decent quality. Founder Blake wants everyone in the world to have a good pair of shoes in their closet. For this reason he also donates ⅓ of his profit to give shoes to the poor in society worldwide. We take it for granted that we can buy a good pair of shoes, but that is not the case everywhere. People in our own country often live around the poverty line or below. These people deserve just as much to be able to wear a good pair of shoes. Besides shoes, the collection also includes sandals and slippers. So you can find good footwear for every occasion.

Toms shoes for women

There is a large collection of Toms shoes for women. Whether you are looking for stylish and unique sneakers or a ballerina. This brand has almost all kinds of shoes, but of course a good heel or platform sole can't be missed. They also have beautiful boots and the most comfortable slippers for in the house. Also loafers and sandals are in the collection of this fast growing brand. In addition, in this way you also contribute to an honest society. Part of the profit is put back into shoes for people who can't afford it themselves. The prices of this brand are in line with the market, so you can build a large collection of diverse shoes. The brand is known for the Alpargata shoe for women which is very popular. This shoe is available in different colors, but also with unique designs and patterns.

Why choose this durable shoe?

It is an important topic among most people today. Sustainability and also sharing with the society. This is the reason why Toms shoes was founded and already achieved success since they started in 2006. In one year they have sold more than 10.000 shoes and already given 60 million poor children good shoes. It is not just a part that they give away, but ⅓ can be considered a big part of the price. Besides, they are real quality shoes that you can wear for any occasion. It is a way to look fashionable and to contribute to a fair society. The children in need are very grateful for the contribution this brand makes. And we as people are also proud that we can buy affordable shoes that contribute to this,

Toms shoes for men

Toms shoes has an extensive collection of shoes for real men. You can find business shoes that are often made of leather with extra thin laces. But you can also buy sneakers in the hippest patterns and colours. Besides that you can also walk comfortably at home on the many kinds of slippers they have. There are also many low models that are easy to slip into. This is great if you have a job that requires you to change shoes regularly. It also allows you to stay in bed just a little bit longer because putting these shoes on is a piece of cake. You can also buy slippers of this brand in various colors. Experience shows that men are really satisfied with the quality of these products. In addition, there are also more and more men who value the charity support.

What are the advantages of Toms shoes?

Toms shoes are of high quality and have an ultimate comfort. You also contribute to shoes for the poorer people in society. This is an increasingly important point that many brands are responding to. The diversity and the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger which makes it even more important. Also, this brand has an extensive collection of footwear as most brands. You can go there not only for the sneakers, but also for flip-flops and loafers. This means that you don't have to go to different stores anymore. Another advantage is that the shoes last extra long. Many people's experiences are very positive for this reason. It is a brand that has not been on the market for very long, but has sold more than 100 million shoes. The shoes often stand out because of the strong colors that are used in the design. They also choose different unique patterns, so you also have a good shoe with a nice print.

Brand engagement

The brand Toms shoes is very involved in society. A percentage of their profit goes directly to shoes for poor children or other social and local initiatives. By doing so, they contribute to the poor people in society. They have just as much right to have a good pair of shoes, but unfortunately they often can't afford it. Since the beginning the brand is working hard on this. In their first year they sold no less than 10,000 shoes. This is very high for a company that is just starting out. Since then they have sold 100 million shoes of which 60 million went to the poor of society. As you can see the actual amount is a bit higher than the ⅓ they claim to give. This is a positive development because you don't always see that with these kinds of companies.

This is why people choose Toms shoes

People choose Toms shoes a lot for social reasons. Besides that they are also uniquely designed shoes that often have unique prints. Of course there are also plenty of products with a plain colour. This makes sure you can always find a shoe that fits with an outfit. In addition, it is always nice to alternate between different shoes. And you can buy them all from the same brand, so you have a nice collection of a socially responsible brand.