Who's Terence Hill?

Terence Hill

Terence Hill is the stage name of Italian film actor Mario Girotti. He was born in 1939 in Venice. His acting work was mostly recognized for humor in the spaghetti western genre. Terence Hill died in 2018 His first debut was in 1951 in the film vacanze col gangster. He then had the opportunity to play a role in numerous films and left for Germany in 1964. Here he got the opportunity to play in even more western films. He had to choose his stage name in 24 hours from a list of twenty possibilities. He can be admired not only in western movies but also in crime movies.

Lucky Luke starring Terence Hill

The classic Lucky Luke is based on the ideas of Terence Hill. But he decides after the death of his son to continue this western movie. Many people know it from the cartoon series but the film is true to life. You just have to see it! These movies are directed by him but he also plays the lead role of Lucky Luke. It was shot in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

In 1967 Bud spencer and Terence Hill started working together for the first time as a duo. The plan was to build an acting career together as a duo until 1994. Terence Hill played the role of the smart charmer and Bud Spencer was the obese jackass. They made several films together. The most popular ones are Crime Busters and Go For It. And the last movie they made Miami Supercops is also one to remember. Hill played the FBI agent and Spencer a retired colleague. Together they went looking for a loot of 20 million that was looted 7 years ago with a bank robbery. Together they are looking for the only one who still knows something about this. There is only one living gangster left so hopefully they will find the answer there.

The career of Terence Hill

Terence Hill began his career in 1951 and left after 13 years in 1964 to Germany. Here he met Bud Spencer with whom he made many films from 1967 onwards. Between 1970-1980, he did several Hollywood jobs. In 1990, the son of Terence Hill died, which was quite difficult for him. But fortunately he made a comeback. From 2000 to 2008 he had a regular role in the popular Italian television series Don Matteo. In 2011 he also played a role in that series. In 2018, he played himself in a self-directed film My name is Thomas.

Crime busters Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

In 1977 Bud Spencer and Terence Hill played together again in a successful movie. They played two hapless robbers who wanted to commit a robbery on a supermarket. But the story suddenly takes a different turn. To their own amazement, they entered a police recruiting office instead of the supermarket. Here they decide there is no other choice but to give up for the training. When they first get into uniform they immediately get into trouble with a street gang. This streetgang is lead by a fake Indian named Geronimo. Several times they fight each other. But later on it becomes really exciting when they are going to bust a drug gang together. This drug gang was internationally known.

Italian spaghetti western

Terence Hill became famous with the Italian spaghetti western. The first film Terence Hill did together with Bud Spencer was a true success. Dio perdona ... Io No. Which means the devil has no mercy. When a train enters the station all passengers are murdered. Terence Hill stars as an eccentric cowboy who wants to solve the mystery together with Hutch Bessy of the insurance company. In the end it turns out to be their mutual archrival who probably robbed the train. Only it is strange that the archrival is still alive because he should have been killed a few years ago by Cat Stevens, after whom his character is named.

Terence Hill personal story

Terence Hill's real name was Mario Girotti. His father was an Italian pharmacist. During World War II they lived in Germany and then moved back to Italy. Terence Hill was an avid swimmer from childhood. This is also how he met his colleague Bud Spencer. He did his first film when he was 15 years old. In 1963 he left university to devote all his time to his acting career. Many people suspect that he became famous by choosing the right stage name. But that is an understatement for someone who has acted in more than 80 movies. He got this name because the initials of his mother were TH.

Trinity is still my name with Terence Hill

Terence Hill played the role of Trinity in this western movie. Along with his brother Bambino, they were known as horse thieves and this was their way of making money. They robbed 4 thieves of their horses and bean sprouts. But when Trinity and Bambino are taking a bath, the thieves come to their house to seek redress. However, they are then stopped by the brothers' mother and she robs them of money and weapons. Then they go to town to play a game of poker. Here Trinity shuffles the cards in a special way. The poker players do not notice that he shuffles the cards unnoticed. This causes the players to bet high and win a nice amount of money. And many more exciting adventures happen in this western classic. Watch it yourself and discover even more adventure.