Where can you have a cake made

Have a cake made

Usually people have a cake made at the bakery. But nowadays it can also be ordered online. There are more and more people who do this from home as an extra income. This way you get the most unique and beautiful results. You can also have a cake made at the HEMA for years now. They are a leader in the production of quality and delicious cakes. A confectioner can also use special ingredients and design shapes. This is because the employees have had training for that. It is a matter of taste who you think is the best baker. This is a very personal choice.

Why do many people want to have a cake made?

A party is not complete without a cake which is why people often have a shop or a bakery make them. At every party a cake is used whether it's a birthday or to celebrate the completion of a job. But also with an anniversary and not to forget the wedding. If you have a small party the cake is often small and modest. But if there are a lot of people you often choose a sky-high model. Nowadays everything is possible even a complete vegan cake. In a time where we think a lot more about the environment this is a conscious choice.

What is the most popular bakery to have a cake made?

When you want to have a cake made you don't just go to a bakery. Usually you can go to a pastry shop in your area. He or she is specialized in making cakes and pastries. Nowadays it is not always cake anymore. You also see a lot of cupcakes or other variations taking over this market. It used to be the classic whipped cream cake and now people often choose for a combination of cake and pie in high forms. This does not only taste better but looks much better as well. So it's a matter of taste and appearance which baker you like best.

Have a Hema cake made

You can have a cake made at HEMA for decades. Did you know that they make cakes with a photo on it every day? Or what about the mini tompouce cakes which you can have made according to your own wishes. Nowadays it is also possible to have a 3D printed cake. For a relatively low price you can surprise your loved one with a red velvet cake. And for the little ones there is the possibility to have cupcakes made. This is the best treat you can think of.
And the photo pastries are the best choice for business celebrations such as an employee's anniversary or reaching a special age.

What choices do you have?

You have many choices where and how to have your cake made. First, you have the regular bakery that can provide standard whipped cream cakes or lattice pies. Next, you have a pastry chef who can provide custom cake designs. He or she will then personalise it with drops or special shapes. But you can also choose for so-called home bakers. They often use cake layers with filling and wrap it nicely in fondant. This is a trend we see more and more and to be honest it looks fantastic. The most beautiful creations are made to the smallest detail.

What is the difference between the bakeries where you can have a cake made?

The difference between the bakeries where you can have a cake made is often in the experience they have. Most bakers do this as an extra service and have a little standard models that they use for every birthday or anniversary. The advantage of the confectioner is that you often trust them with their creative freedom. Often they have a book that you can admire from previous cakes. Often you can have them design cakes for up to 64 people or more. It is a wonder how they manage to get the cake to the venue but you will be showing class and style to your friends and family.

Where can you get the most delicious cake made?

The most delicious cake can be made at a pastry shop or specialty store. They often have much more ingredients than a regular baker. But they also have a lot more possibilities in shapes and layers. Because you can let them compose your own taste, it often tastes better. These bakers use an extract that is well absorbed by the cake layer. So you can have the flavor you want made for almost 100 %. They also have the right techniques to create layers or shapes to your liking. They often do this by hand, so it really is a custom job!