Replacing a watch battery

Replacing a watch battery

It is always annoying when the watch battery needs to be replaced. A lot of people find this to be a very tedious job and they ask the watchmaker to do it for them. Often this costs only €7,50 which makes it not even that expensive. A watch costs on average € 100 or more and then the replacement of the battery is worth it. This can even happen when you buy a new watch. Often it will be replaced by the company where you bought the watch. It is possible that the watch has been in the shop window for some time. It is also possible that the factory has used a weak battery. Of course it can also be a production error. In most cases the stores are not so difficult about replacing a battery when you just bought a watch.

Replacing the battery of a chronograph watch

You know exactly when you need to replace a watch battery with a chronograph watch. Often you will see that the movement no longer works sufficiently at the moment that the battery is weak or almost empty. You will notice that the watch will slowly run backwards by minutes which in the long run can become more like an hour. It is also possible that the watch does not run at all. In rare cases you will only see the second hand running when the battery is weak. In most cases of malfunction, the battery is the culprit. This you would not expect, but fortunately the repair costs are not too high. You can also buy a set yourself to repair a watch. This way you only have to buy the battery and that will save you even more on the costs.

Replacing the Button Cell Battery of a Standard Watch

You can often replace the battery of a standard watch yourself. It is wise to put the watch on a soft cloth to avoid damaging the watch itself. Always consult the internet which kind of back side you have with a watch. There are 3 common connections which you can easily open by yourself. Often you can also do this by means of an instruction video. You need to know which back plate you have so you can order the right tools. Then it is fairly easy to replace if you have enough patience.

What are the costs?

In most cases it does not have to be expensive to replace a watch battery. On average it costs about €7,5-10,-. However, with the more expensive models it is possible that you have to pay extra costs. Often these models use a different battery or a more complicated connection. This means that the watchmaker has to do more work to repair the watch and you have to pay for that as well. When you buy a separate battery you will pay €2,50. It takes a lot of time to repair a watch by yourself so a lot of people take that amount of money in the bargain. Also you can damage the watch when you do it yourself which doesn't make up for the cost of the repair. It is a small service that the watchmaker gives on a regular basis to his or her customers.

Can you replace a watch battery yourself?

It is possible to replace the battery of a watch yourself. For this you can order a special tool set on the internet. This is useful when you have a lot of watches, but when it is only for one watch it is not. The repair kit usually costs about 25 euros or more so it is quite expensive compared to the watchmaker. You know exactly when you need to replace a watch battery. In most cases it is standing still or it is running with delays. The kits have clear manuals in most cases. The only thing you have to do beforehand is to find out what kind of back the watch has. This way you also know what tools you need. Always make sure you have a soft and preferably a bit thick cloth underneath. This prevents you from damaging the watch or table.

How can you do this?

With a special repair kit you can replace a watch battery. Often this is explained step by step in a manual. It is also possible that you can find an instruction video of a certain brand on the internet. This way you can see how to do it and it is even easier to do. However, it is important to order the right set. Check the back of the watch or choose to let a jeweler or watchmaker do it. This way you have the least chance on damages. Usually there is a specific watch case opener in the set with which you can get it open quickly. You have to be careful that you don't come close to other parts. It is also important that you get the right battery in advance. This ensures that you can repair it quickly and efficiently.

Why is it important to replace a watch battery?

It is important to replace the battery of a watch when it is weak. You can notice that certain functions on the watch, for example, no longer work because of the weak signal which the battery then provides. A lot of people will panic and think that the watch can not be replaced. However, most brands use durable movements so a defect will not occur quickly. When you take the watch to a watchmaker, you will be positively surprised when the battery turns out to be the problem. The costs of repairing or replacing the battery are not that high. So your beautiful clock can last again for a few years.

Where can you get this done?

In most cases people have a watch battery replaced by a jeweler or watchmaker. The costs are so low that it is not worthwhile to do this yourself. When you have dozens of watches it is a different story, but most people have maximum 3 watches. But it is also by the watchmaker or jeweler is easily done. So you can still enjoy the watch longer. Often other underlying problems are due to the weak or empty battery. A watch is often an expensive and costly expenditure which makes people quickly replace the battery. This can also happen with a new watch when it has been in a shop window for some time. It is also possible that the factory has made a mistake and that the battery is already running when the watch comes off the line. This does not happen often, but it can always happen.

Why replace a watch battery?

Many people spend more than 100 euros on a watch. That is why many people choose for a watch battery replacement. This costs only 7,50 euro and you will be back in business for many years. Of course there are also people who buy a more expensive watch and for those people it is even more interesting. In addition, a defective battery can cause many other problems. When the watch seems to malfunction, many people think of a defective movement. However, in practice it often turns out to be a weak battery. There are also kits to replace the watch battery yourself. The best way to do this is by using the manual of your brand of watch. It is possible that in this manual exactly is described which back you have. So you know exactly which repair kit you should buy. However, you must be careful for making scratches.