You can decorate your home with the following alternative Christmas trees

Is Christmas just around the corner? But do you want something different from a normal Christmas tree? Then choosing one of these alternative Christmas trees may be for you. 

Do you always celebrate Christmas with a traditional Christmas tree and do you think it's time for an alternative Christmas tree? Perhaps because you don't have the space for a large Christmas tree or because you don't want all those needles in your house. But fortunately, today there are all kinds of ways to bring your home into Christmas spirit anyway. Think for example of a wooden Christmas tree or maybe you like to hang an illuminated Christmas garland on the wall. Nowadays there are all kinds of great ideas to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home without having to decorate a Christmas tree. Just think of Christmas lights, baubles, candles and Christmas wreaths.

A wooden Christmas tree

You can buy a wooden Christmas tree, but you can also choose to make your own. One advantage is that a wooden Christmas tree takes up less space than a real Christmas tree, because you hang it on the wall. A nice idea is to get the wood, or branches, for your wooden Christmas tree from nature, as this will still give you that natural feel. Decorate this Christmas tree with fun lights and baubles by hanging hooks on it. 

A metal Christmas tree

You can also choose a metal Christmas tree, this type of Christmas tree is actually already a ready-made ''Christmas tree'', because this type has a metal frame. But how nice, because this Christmas tree already has hooks on it where you can hang lights and garlands. This type of Christmas tree is ideal if you have very little space in your home, but still want a little Christmas atmosphere. 

Decorating your stairs

Don't have room in your house to put up a Christmas tree, but would still like to have the Christmas spirit in your home? Then it might be nice to decorate your stairs, a doorframe, a closet or the mantelpiece of your fireplace. You can do this by using green Christmas branches, a string of lights, but you can also use Christmas balls. This also just gives an ultimate Christmas atmosphere in your home without having to lug around a tree. So this is really just an ideal solution. 

A tree of lights

Do you want a tree, but don't feel like having those green branches and all those needles in your house? Then you might want to opt for a tree of lights. We must also say, once this tree has found its place in your home, this is also a real mood creator. Also nice is that you can place it as an extra in your garden, when you already have a real Christmas tree inside your house. 

Decorate your houseplant

Well green branches, but no Christmas tree and all those loose needles. You probably have a plant in your house. Are you busy and therefore don't have the time and space to decorate a Christmas tree? Then you can also choose to twist some Christmas lights around your most potent house plants. This way you don't have to go out and buy a new Christmas tree and you still get a cozy atmosphere in your home during Christmas. This is also better for the environment, because you do not buy a tree that you want to throw away after a month. 

A magnetic tree

Another kind of tree that you don't have to put up and that you don't have to worry about. This is a magnetic tree that can be decorated with colorful baubles with a magnetic function. Only, this tree has little space to hang lights, so do you want to have lights? Then perhaps you can choose to hang lights somewhere else in the house, such as a doorframe or along the wall. 

Advent decoration

No tree, no lights, but this is just totally different. But fair is fair, this is just as much fun. And can you still make choices now, because actually having and a Christmas tree and an Advent decoration is just as much fun. Besides looking really nice, it's also really fun to do this together with the family. This way you can unwrap a small gift every day from December 1 to December 24. And in this way you count down together until the cozy Christmas days begin. And of course you can also choose to dress up the strings with Christmas attributes, such as balls or lights.