What to look for when buying a basketball?


The moment you enjoy playing basketball, it is of course important to have the right ball to play with. This is why it can be useful to buy a good ball. There are many different basketballs to find. This ensures that there are a number of things you should pay attention to when you want to buy a basketball. 

The size of the ball

First, it is important to look at the size of the ball. The idea is not to play with a ball that is too big or too small. There are different sizes of basketballs available. Especially playing with a ball that is too large is not pleasant. This is because you will lose control of the ball more quickly. 

There are different sizes when it comes to a basketball. The sizes of ball are mainly meant for a certain age. For example, the sizes start at size 3. This is actually just for very small children. Size 3 basketballs are meant for children under 6 years old. 

Next you come to the size 5 ball. This ball has a circumference of 69 to 71 cm. These balls are intended for children up to 11 years old. This is because the balls are just too big for children who are younger. 

Finally, you have sizes 6 and 7. These are the sizes that are meant for adults. Size 6 is a ladies ball. This means that it is mainly used by ladies. In professional women's competitions, size 6 is always used. The circumference is between 72 and 74 cm.

Size 7 is intended for adult men. This is the largest basketball available. This size is the official size for major basketball leagues. It is also used a lot in the NBA. The circumference of a size 7 ball is between 75 and 78 cm. For adults, it is best to buy a size 7 basketball. 

Indoor or outdoor balls

At the time you want to buy a basketball, it is, of course, also important to look at what the ball is intended for. This is because there is not one type of basketball. There are basketballs that are specially designed to be used in an indoor hall, but there are also many balls that are used outdoors. 

If you personally enjoy playing basketball outside, you should choose an outdoor ball. This is because these balls are more durable than indoor balls. This has mainly to do with wear and tear. When you are playing basketball outside, the ball will wear out a lot faster because of the concrete or unevenness in the ground. 

Because an outdoor ball can wear out faster than a ball used indoors, an outdoor ball actually always has a wear-resistant layer. This is a layer that ensures that the ball wears down a lot less. This allows you to enjoy your basketball longer. 

At the time you want to buy an indoor basketball, you do not have to deal with this wear and tear. Because of this, it is also not necessary to have a wear layer over the ball. In general, basketball players find indoor balls more comfortable. 

You may want to use a basketball for indoor and outdoor use. If this is the case, this can still be quite tricky. This is because you really only have two options that you can go for. First, it is possible to get an indoor and an outdoor ball. 

However, it is also possible to go for a combination ball. This is a ball with a wear-resistant layer without causing discomfort when playing in the hall. However, you can expect these balls to be a lot pricier. 

Inflating the basketball

At the moment you want to use a basketball, it is of course important to inflate it properly. You can buy a basketball, but this does not mean that it is well inflated. This is because inflating a basketball ensures that it can bounce well. However, some people find it difficult to know how to best inflate a basketball. 

How does it feel for yourself

Inflating a basketball is actually relative. This is because everyone likes something different when it comes to a basketball. Therefore, it is important to look at what you yourself like. However, there are some rules of thumb that you can use when you want to inflate a basketball. 

It is never pleasant to play with a ball that is too hard. This is because a ball that is too hard causes the ball to bounce in all directions. This causes problems with the control of the ball. If the ball bounces in all directions, chances are that you have little control over how the ball moves. This is something you should take into account. 

It is also not pleasant to work with a ball that is too soft. This is because there are also a number of disadvantages to this. A ball that is too soft does not bounce well. This means that you have to use a lot of force to get it to bounce up. Of course, you don't want that either. 

This is why it is possible to use a rule of thumb when it comes to inflating a ball. For example, it is possible to see from the bounce whether the ball is properly inflated or not. The moment you drop the ball from shoulder height, it is supposed to bounce back up to your hip, the ball is hard enough to play with properly. This is of course what you are looking for when you buy a basketball white.