What is a vegetarian pizza?

Vegetarian pizza

A vegetarian pizza is a pizza that is topped with no animal products. However, it goes beyond the standard way of thinking of most people. You can put vegetables and many other vegan products on top of it. You can find different meat substitutes in supermarkets and organic shops. You can also make the classic Turkish pizza vegetarian. Think, for example, of chicken breast or ham from the Quorn brand, but you can also get vegan products such as pasta and jam. It's a strange taste variation that we see developing in many children. But anything is better than eating animal products. One tip is to top it with vegetable butter or oil for that nice fatty taste.

Vegetarian pizza recipes

To break the stereotype of a vegetarian pizza we choose to share some recipes with not only vegetables. You can also make a turkish pizza completely vegetarian. A delicious meat substitute is falafel. You can put it on the pizza in combination with falafel, hummus, feta cheese and vegetables to your liking. It is just as delicious as a normal pizza. Also you have a lot of this meat replacement product on your pizza. But you can also make a BBQ chicken pizza with the meat replacement chicken breast from the supermarket. This is delicious red onion, peppers and zucchini. You can find many more variations on the internet.

What's allowed in a vegetarian pizza?

A vegetarian pizza can contain everything except animal products. If you are a vegan, you can't have cheese but you can also get it in a meat substitute. The pizza that is eaten the most in the Netherlands is the pizza margherita. Did you know that this is also often a vegetarian pizza? It is made with animal-friendly products such as tomatoes, cheese, mozzarella and herbs.

Aunt Fanny vegetarian pizza

Tante Fanny is also committed to an animal and environment friendly society. That is why they share a delicious recipe to make your own vegetarian pizza on their website. With this ready-made dough you also have less work. So it is really recommended to make a vegan pizza with rainbow vegetables. This makes it a real spectacle on the table and also ensures that if you have children they are more likely to want to eat it. To get the rainbow effect you need a pepper stopper and onions. Next to that you add more healthy things like red beets, broccoli and vegan cheese. Make sure to distribute them nicely from top to bottom or just over the edges to create the perfect picture.

Creating taste variations for a vegetarian pizza

To get an even tastier result you can deviate from the recipes you find for a vegetarian pizza. We found out that instead of using tomato sauce you can also use a bean sauce. The best way is to use all different kinds of beans, this gives a taste explosion. You can also spice it up a bit with a pesto for example. These are usually also vegan and you can recognize this in the supermarket by the green vegan logo. But you can also use BBQ sauce and sprinkle it with different kinds of vegetables.

Vegan tips

Did you know that there is even vegetarian shawarma which you can use to make the perfect shawarma pizza. A little olive oil gives the pizza a nice crispy edge. This is especially popular with adults. There are also more and more ready-made forms of pizza or vegetable wraps available. You can use the dough of a carrot or beetroot wrap to make your own vegetarian pizza. The ideal pizza usually consists of mushrooms, red onion and peppers. If you like it a bit spicier then fresh tomatoes, olives and jalapeno pepper are an ideal combination. Are you more of the normal with a little luxury touch choose sundried tomato with pine nuts and zucchini. You can always add whatever you like. A pizza can hardly fail.

Sweet vegetarian pizza

For the little ones it is often a big step to eat a pizza. If you can't manage this you can also make a sweet vegetarian pizza. It's just like a sandwich, you put what you like on it. One tip for a sweet pizza is to put spinach, brie and nuts on top. These flavours are ideal to use topped with a lot of honey. This is a nutritious meal that gives you a lot of strength and spinach makes you strong! Also, it often gives a photogenic picture. If you're a vegetarian, make sure you replace the brie with a vegan type of brie.

Why choose a vegetarian pizza?

A vegetarian pizza is not only a meal that you can prepare quickly. But also a meal that every family member wants to eat. By using vegetable products you are also working on a better health. Vegetable products give you an energy boost that will see you through the night. But you also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol. This is because vegetable products contain far less unsaturated fats or none at all. It is not even necessarily more expensive because many products are already vegan or also available in a private label version. It is a trend that ensures that the next generation will have an animal and environmentally friendly society. Some also call it the last chance for saving the planet.