What is sewing machine repair?

Sewing machine repair

When a sewing machine stops working properly you look for a sewing machine repair service and preferably one that will come to your home. It's always inconvenient and you want to be able to sew again as soon as possible. Most people don't know exactly what's wrong and decide to take it away for examination. There are numerous reasons that can cause malfunctions. It can be either mechanical or an electrical failure and for this you just want to have an expert look at it. A sewing machine is often expensive to buy so you want to get it repaired cheaply. Everything is done to give the sewing machine a new life. The nostalgic or emotional value of this is priceless!

Why go to a sewing machine repair shop?

You usually go to a sewing machine repair company because you want to get back to sewing as soon as possible. Many of these companies also do sewing machine repair at home. This way you don't have to pack and carry the heavy machine. Depending on the quality and brand of the sewing machine, the repairer will decide if it's worthwhile to repair the machine. After all, you shouldn't spend more on the repair than a new one would cost. Unless it is an heirloom with emotional value there is no amount that can replace the value of the machine. In general we order original parts from the brand of the sewing machine. So you can get on with your sewing!

What's in it for you?

When you have a sewing machine repaired you can often use the same machine again for years. So it's an investment that is worth it. Of course it depends on how often and how much you use it. Most people only need to sew a few times a year. A new trend for sewing machine repair is that they come to your home. This has come about because it is a heavy machine and not everyone can come to the store for this. It is an extra service of the company. The end result is usually quite good. You often hear that people can still enjoy the sewing machine for years.

Expert and quick sewing machine repair

Often a sewing machine repair is done within a few days. This does depend on the supplier of the parts. Big brands like Singer have a high priority on service. They generally deliver the most used parts quickly. This ensures that you as a customer do not have to be without your sewing machine for a long time. Also for maintenance you can usually go to the repairer. Prevention is always better than a cure. Technical problems can often be solved in the workshop of the repairer. Sometimes this can even be done in one day. You also choose a professional who has years of experience in the field. He or she has done this so often that it will be finished quickly. So don't ever go tinkering yourself again!

Tips on how to prevent a sewing machine repair

A sewing machine always breaks down just when you're not looking forward to it. So you would like to know how to prevent a sewing machine repair. To prevent this, we recommend that you always re-tension both the top and bobbin threads before you start. When doing this, make use of quality thread to prevent malfunctions. Another tip is to change the needle after you have sewn for 8 hours. The rule for this is that they can last up to 8 hours, so try not to be stingy with this because maintenance can cost a lot of money. Also clean your sewing machine regularly to keep the transport from getting stuck. Dirt can cause the fabric to get stuck and the sewing machine to get stuck. Prevent this and sky-high costs.

When do you take a sewing machine in for repair?

A sewing machine repair is usually done when you can't manage yourself. This is a smart choice because trying something yourself can cause even more problems. We also recommend to have your sewing machine serviced on a regular basis. How often you do this depends on how much you use your appliance. Our repairer always looks with you to see whether it is better to repair it or buy a new one. Often there is a history behind the sewing machine and that is why repair is often chosen. Emotional value is something that cannot be expressed in money. This can be found in the manual of your sewing machine. This prevents a trip to the repair shop. If you have any doubts about this, the sewing machine repair shop will also do this for you for a small fee.