What is a vegan sandwich filling?

Vegan spreads

Vegan spreads should not be confused with vegan spreads. The main difference is that vegan spreads are not allowed to contain fish, while vegan spreads can. Hummus and vegetable spreads are often vegan without you noticing it. But you can also find different types of savoury spreads at the organic food shop. Or who hasn't tried vegetarian filet americain, which is indistinguishable from the real thing? But the vegetarian butcher has different types of meats and meat you can eat. But even butter has a vegan variant in the supermarket.

Vegan spreads and the most popular varieties

When you think of vegan sandwich fillings, humus or cold cuts often come to mind. But there are many more products! For example, how about the old-fashioned shake tummy or the new lotus speculoos paste. But also common products like sprinkles and flakes are usually vegan. There is also delicious vegan cheese that is a good substitute. You can't name it and find it in the organic shop or supermarkets. More and more big brands are taking advantage of this because we are in a time of change. But there are also many snacks available in a vegetarian form. For example, the croquette and the sausage roll.

Does bread fit into a vegan diet?

Bread is a vegan item that you can just use. It is best to fill it with vegan spreads. Even children eat more veg than most people think. Take for example nuts or seed pastes like the famous peanut butter. Or what about sprinkles and flakes also Vega. But you can also substitute ham or sausage for a veg variety. As technology continues to develop, the taste of Vega products continues to improve. The tofu was the first vegetarian dish and that did not catch on. But the products of big brands like the vegetarian butcher or Kips are definitely recommended. The vegetarian butcher also has snacks like sausages and sausage rolls.

Savoury vegan spreads

There are also savoury vegan sandwich fillings on the market. Every day we see supermarkets working on a vegan assortment. Delicious vegetable dips, but also pesto, are often made vegan and are indispensable to make a feast of your lunch. In addition, the chicken breast substitute for quorn is highly recommended to try. It tastes the same but a chicken's life has been saved. You can also find ham and cheese of this brand in the larger supermarkets. But if you are someone who likes to snack at lunchtime, you can of course opt for the vegetarian liverwurst from Kips. The vegetarian butcher also has a range of snacks such as sausages and sausage rolls. These are delicious substitutes for the original snack.

Sweet vegan spreads

Every day we eat sweet alternatives that are also vegan. Take the chocolate sprinkles or flakes from de ruyter, for example. These are made vegan and are therefore also a responsible choice for animal lovers. But almost every kind of jam is vegan too. Many people have the preconception that vegan is expensive but actually it's in the budget products mostly. Also, we Dutch are quite stubborn but we are slowly moving in the right direction. From now on you can recognise vegan products by their labels. This helps you to make an informed choice.

Vegan spreads

There are many types of vegan sandwich spreads we will go through some of them with you. First of all we start with the chickpea paste which we popularly know as hummus. You can combine it endlessly in salads and sandwiches. In the Turkish and Arabic cuisine you have muhammara. This is somewhat similar to hummus but is made mainly from walnuts and red peppers. So it is a bit spicier. Or the popular spread made of avocado called baba ganoush. This is not only a delicious dip for with vegetables but you can also eat it on a sandwich. It gives you an energy boost. The last one is pesto. You can use it with pasta but it also tastes delicious on vegetarian chicken breast.

Vegan cheese spread

Cheese is also available as a vegan sandwich filling. This can be in the form of a delicious slice but there are also different types of herb cheese. The herb cheese variant is one of the most popular because it is deliciously spicy but not too sharp. There are also tofu based ones but they are less popular. At most stores they have special shelves where you can find them. If you can't find it, there is also a vegan label which can be found on the packaging. This helps you on your way to that conscious choice

Meat substitute vegan sandwich filling

There are many kinds of vegan sandwich fillings that are made as a meat substitute. The Kips pâté stands out from the rest. You only taste a very small difference with the original product and it also contains fewer calories. But filet americain is also made from meat substitutes. It has a creamy taste and gets incredibly good reviews. But even the original sandwich sausage is considered delicious, especially by children. If you tell children something is vegan they often look at you funny and don't want to eat it. So a tip is to just throw it on the sandwich. It is a matter of taste but worth a try!

Vegan salads

Of course, salads cannot be missing from the range of vegan sandwich fillings. Johma has been active in this area for some time now. Examples include bruschetta and pasta salads. These are generally not seen as vegetarian, but are still eaten by non-vegetarians. The vegetarian butcher has also added 2 salads to their range. The chicken curry and chicken satay variant. Because the Vega chicken breast went down well, they have added this product to their range. However, they are still in the trial phase so it is not clear if they will come up with more varieties.

What else can you eat besides vegan sandwich fillings?

Besides the vegan spreads, you can also eat vegetables and fruit that are vegan. This is purely as a substitute for meat on the sandwich or as a snack in between meals. With grilled vegetables on the bread, you experience a feast. But avocado is also popular with people and its popularity is growing all the time. But grilling tomatoes and mushrooms also gives a sort of bruchetta feeling.

Creative recipes with vegan spreads

A newcomer to the range of vegan sandwich spreads is egg salad. You don't use an egg but tofu in this recipe. Then you add vegan mayonnaise and to give it some spice you can add paprika and curry powder. But many people make it classic with just mayonnaise and chives. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also choose the old-fashioned recipe of baked apples with sugar and cinnamon. Also tempeh in a nice sauce is definitely recommended as a flavor variation in everyday life. These are all simple dishes but with a creative twist.