Difference between mission and vision

Mission and vision

The difference between mission and vision is that with a mission you stand for something and with a vision you go for something. With a vision you think everything out, such as what does the customer want to improve and how are we going to achieve this. But with a mission you go for a goal. During the goal you will inspire customers and colleagues and then as a final goal you will beat the competition. Having a vision image is therefore more towards the future. Whereas with a mission you really take action on the short term. This is the main mission and vision difference. But the best thing is to keep both in mind. They can help you to still exist in 100 years!

What is a mission?

A difference between mission and vision is that with the mission you go for something. If you look at this in the business aspect you can think of different things. For example, to give direction to a goal. But also to inspire colleagues or customers belongs to the mission. Often employees want to distinguish themselves to achieve the mission goals. This creates an urge to survive and of course win. The goal is mainly to inspire others and to beat the competition. A timeless solution where you have clear goals and think about the survival of the company. But also a way to motivate staff to achieve certain goals.

What is a vision?

The mission and vision difference is that with a vision you start planning to achieve a mission. Think for example about collecting information. This information will be processed by asking certain questions. Examples are what does the customer want to see improved or what developments should we as a company still undergo. Of course there are many more questions you need to answer but that differs per company. If you have all the answers then you have achieved your vision and it is time for a new vision. A solution for a certain period which you evaluate regularly. If it is a successful solution you often turn it into a mission.

Who makes a difference between mission and vision?

The big bosses make a difference between mission and vision together with the different departments and employees. They do this by setting different goals. For each department or for the whole company there is a leader who supports in achieving the mission. But it can also be that you let an external consultant do this. He or she can have a neutral view on the current situation and better assess what needs to be improved. They bring the difference between mission and vision clearly in the picture. This allows you to grow again, beat the competition and eventually build a new vision. The combination of these 2 aspects can let your company exist even decades from now. This is the wish of every entrepreneur!

Difference between good and bad vision

Besides the difference between mission and vision, you also have important differences in good and bad visions. A non concrete plan is an example of a bad vision. This often cannot be translated into good behaviour and/or a clear policy. But there is also no creative thinking about the plans and parts or elements are glossed over. A good vision shows that you are daring and willing to jump into the deep end. You do this by being a powerful and inspiring example for others or you show that you are unique in the market. The top of the company will support your ideas and with that you can ensure that all goals are met. So always think carefully about the steps you take! Because a vision is for a certain period of time it can make or break your company.

How do you recognize the difference between mission and vision?

The difference between mission and vision is now clear to you after reading this information. But how do you recognize it? A good mission statement can be recognised by a team that is active in improving the situation on a daily basis. Think about flyering on the streets or actively posting on social media channels. But also companies that advertise in a cost efficient way have a clear mission. A vision can be recognized by companies who announce they are going to think about a better future. A good example are the farmers. Every day they look for ways to improve the CO2 emissions and they think long and hard about how to do it. That is what we call a clear vision.

Clear differences between mission and vision

A clear difference between mission and vision is that a mission is timeless and a vision is a solution for a certain period. However, with a mission you often see companies thinking about who they are and what they stand for. With a vision the intention is more about what we are going for as a company and what we can mean for the customer. But you should also not forget that a vision is a clear look at the future and is more outward looking. A mission on the other hand is aimed at the company itself in the form of how do we ensure that we remain the best and can continue to exist. But they also look back at past experiences such as where it went well and what went wrong. 

Why a mission and not a vision?

One of the main differences between mission and vision is the timeless idea of a mission. This is the reason why companies often choose it. A mission statement is created after a few years of being active in the market and the desire to continue to grow. It motivates you and your employees to let the company grow. You look at this from the point of view of where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. You also think about the raison d'être of your company and you go looking for beliefs that motivate you. In this way you create a clear course of action for your company and the employees who work for you. The way of thinking and the motivation to achieve goals will be improved within your organization.

Why a vision and not a mission?

When you start a company and look at the difference between mission and vision you start with a vision. This is because you want to put a certain concept on the map and be of service to the customer. It is important that you clearly formulate questions. Think of questions like what will my company look like and what do we want to achieve. Here you set goals for a certain period and evaluate them with some regularity. With some regularity you check if the vision is still in line with what you want for the company or organization. This is how you give your company hands and feet. So think carefully what better fits your company by the difference between mission and vision. Start today with the success of your company!