Why meat from the farmer?

Meat from the farmer

Many people go to buy meat from the farmer because they like having a local product. But did you know it was also a sustainable choice? More and more farmers are working to stop the mass production of meat. So farm meat is becoming more and more sustainable and so is the treatment of the animals. Many people see this as meat with a story. Because the animals are also thought of. But also that we contribute more to the environment for the new generation. It takes some getting used to, but it is definitely a good step in the new society.

The story of meat from the farmer

The story of farm meat is one you need to know. It starts with the farmer, who has to buy and feed the animals. More and more, they also think about a loving treatment so that the next generation can also enjoy it. Usually the animals are fed with grass, corn and nutritious herbs. The animals often walk around in the free nature or at a sufficient distance. This way they also have a good life. This provides a stress-free environment so they can have a carefree life. Also, in more and more places, fertilizers and chemicals are kept away from the animals. This is the recipe for a responsible piece of meat!

The other meat

Farmer's meat is also called the other meat. More and more people are choosing this farmer's meat because it is often 100% sustainably produced. But the meat is also traceable to the local farmer so you know how the life of the animals has been. This often persuades people to make a sustainable choice. You are also connected to the region. Without interference of others you have a delicious piece of sustainable meat on your plate. Together, we can make a difference to a more sustainable society.

Choosing meat from the farmer

If you really want to make a choice for a sustainable society, choose farmer's meat. This farmer's meat is not only good for animal welfare but also for the environment. Researchers predict even 75% CO2 emissions to save when all farmers will work sustainably. This is because unsustainable meat is sold almost everywhere. To be able to keep prices low, people often make the choice for this. But you would have to ask the question what you would want to leave the new generation. Perhaps you then a very different choice.

How you can contribute

By buying local meat from a farmer you can contribute to a better environment. We all need to go back to producing meat on a small scale, but in a sustainable way. When you buy local meat from a farmer, you contribute to this. Because the more people do this, the more farmers will see a market in it. And so we can break that vicious circle and work towards a more sustainable world. And so the meat does not have to travel hundreds of kilometers anymore which also causes a lot of CO2 emissions every day.

Why don't the Dutch want sustainable meat from the farmer?

Many people don't want to buy farm-produced meat because it is slightly more expensive than meat from the supermarket. The first questions people ask themselves are: isn't there too much fat in the meat and what does it cost? However, the price difference is nil when you see what you contribute to a greener society. If you buy meat at the farmer you will also notice the difference in taste. Unfortunately, not everyone likes it the same way because they are used to different food. Also, more and more people are opting for meat substitutes in the supermarket, another reason why it's not progressing. And so there are many more but you can make the difference!

A conscious and sustainable choice of meat from the farmer

Farmed meat is a conscious choice. It is not yet optimal but more and more people are making this choice. They do so not only for the sake of the animal but also for their children or grandchildren. They deserve a cleaner society with fewer CO2 emissions. But they also need to learn that meat is not infinite. And in what circumstances the animals are kept together. In more and more places you can adopt a cow or pig online. By doing so, you also contribute. But farmers are also selling more and more online meat packages which are then delivered to your home.

Online meat from the farmer

More and more farmers are choosing to sell farmer's meat online. This is because the internet has a large reach and it brings extra attention. Besides that you can also compose your own packages with what kind of animals you want. Usually you can choose from cows, pigs and chickens. The taste of the animals is much better because you get fresher meat. And what about the circumstances of the animal? They are also improved. It is actually a win-win situation. And this way the farmers find out if their meat is special or not. They are very open to feedback.

Advantages of farmer's meat

When you buy meat from a farmer, you also see what the environment looks like. But apart from that, a farmer is always open to feedback from people. As a supporter of a piece of honest meat this should appeal to you. Farmers also like feedback because they haven't heard it for years because it disappears in mass production. When you also choose organic meat, the farmers go the extra mile. He or she avoids the use of pesticides and artificial manure as much as possible. This ensures that the animals remain fit and healthy and can lead a dignified life.