Magnificent locations for a successful vacation


The moment you want to go on vacation, it is important to have a nice location to go to. This ensures that you can have a fun vacation. However, it can be quite difficult to find a good location to go to. There are a number of locations where you can go when you want to go on vacation. 


If you like to have a nice warm vacation, Spain can be a good option to go. This is because Spain is a large and warm country to go to. The advantage to Spain is that there are several locations you can go to as a getaway when you stay here. For example, the Strait of Gibraltar is a great excursion to go to. 

Spain has a diverse landscape with different places that are very beautiful to visit. Similarly, there are different vacations available if you want to travel to Spain. For example, you can choose an active vacation with lots of hiking and beautiful locations to visit. 

Spain is also home to a lot of culture. For example, there are several historical sites that you can go to. Spain also has a delicious cuisine that you can enjoy. If you want to do as much as possible in Spain, it is possible to take an entire tour of Spain. 

The south of Spain

In the south of Spain there is a lot to do. This is also the warmest place in Spain you can go. There are many different things to do here such as sitting on the beach and going for a nice walk. For example, it can be wonderful to go to the southernmost tip of Spain. This point is also called the Strait of Gibraltar. This is also the fastest way to get to Africa from Europe. 

At its shortest point, the Strait of Gibraltar is only 14 kilometers from the northernmost tip of Morocco. For this reason, it is wonderful to stand at the southernmost point of the Strait of Gibraltar. At the moment you stand at the southernmost point of the Strait of Gibraltar, it is possible to see Morocco in the distance. 

The Strait of Gibraltar is located in the south east of Spain. At the time you go on vacation to the south of Spain, the Strait of Gibraltar is therefore a trip you cannot skip. For the daring swimmers it is even possible to swim across. This also makes it possible to take a look in Morocco. 

From the Strait of Gibraltar it is possible to go to the southwest of Spain. This is where the Extremadura lies. This is one of the best places in Europe to watch wild birds. There are many different species of birds to be found here. 

The Extremadura is very suitable for different walks. During the walks it is possible to spot different birds. Here you will be able to spot birds such as wild griffon vultures, monk vultures, storks and several other large birds. 

The Pyrenees 

If you love to do a lot of hiking, going to the Pyrenees on vacation may be a good choice. This is one of the largest mountain areas in Europe. The Spanish Pyrenees are located in northern Spain. There are many beautiful walks to be made here. From the mountains it is possible to have a beautiful view of the various valleys in the Pyrenees. 

It is possible to make walks at altitudes of around 500 meters of altitude difference with the valleys that lie there. This allows you to look out very well on a large part of Spain. It is in fact possible to look very far into the distance to the interior of Spain. 

Major cities

Spain also has a number of large cities where you can go on vacation. In these cities it is possible to enjoy the beautiful culture of Spain. Here it is often also possible to look at various historical buildings and enjoy shopping in the many stores. 

Spain has several major cities you can go to. The big cities are mostly in the east of Spain. The most famous city to go to on a vacation is Barcelona. This is the largest city in Spain. 

The biggest sight you can see in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. This is a sacred cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi. The church is still unfinished to this day. It should be completely restored by 2026. 

Madrid is also a wonderful big city to go to when you are in Spain. Madrid is also known as the capital of Spain. The biggest sight you will come across here is the Palicio Real Madrid. This is the royal palace of Spain. This is a beautiful palace from the Baroque era. 


Another wonderful country to go on vacation is France. In fact, France is another large and warm country in Europe. France is not as warm as Spain. Especially in the north of France it is not too warm. However, it is a beautiful country to go on vacation. France is in fact known for a number of different things. 

France is a country known for baguettes and fine wine. However, France is much more than that. This is because it is also a wonderful cultural country. Many people underestimate the culture of France. Because there is so much culture to be found, it is also a country that is excellent for vacations. 

The moment you go on vacation to France, there are actually a number of things you can go to. For example, you have the north of France, the south of France, and the French Eiffel. These can all be great locations to go on vacation. 

The north of France

There is much to do in the north of France. For example, here you can find the beautiful Atlantic Ocean which is known for its beautiful blue waters. France is largely located on the ocean. For this reason, it is a wonderful country to go to for the beach. 

The north of France is especially known for the large cities that can be found here. For example, major cities include the capital Paris, Lille and Le Havre. These cities are definitely worth visiting during a trip to northern France. 

Paris is the capital of France. The city is also known as the city of love. This is because you can experience many loving moments here with your partner. There are also many romantic locations where you can go to take photos together or enjoy sitting on a terrace. 

However, Paris also has many different sights to see. This is where you can find the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomph and the Louvre, among other things. Therefore, if you find culture very beautiful to look at, this could be a suitable city to go to on your trip. 

The south of France

The south of France is also a suitable location for many people to go on vacation. This is because the south of France is very warm and has many beautiful locations that you can go to. For example, there are many beautiful beaches and scenic locations to be found here. 

There are also several boulevards in the south of France that you can walk along beautifully or sit on a terrace. At the time when you like to spend your vacation relaxing, going to the south of France can be a good choice. 

The French Eiffel

The French Eiffel is a very popular area among the hikers among us. This is because the French Eiffel contains many mountains and forests. At the moment you are looking for a wonderful hiking vacation, it can therefore be a good choice to travel to the French Eiffel. The landscape near the French Eiffel is very beautiful. There is still a lot of nature to be found. 

The French Eiffel is known for, among other things, the French part of the Alps and the Black Forest. This is a large forest that is located in a large part in Germany and a part in France. If you want a beautiful location where you can do some good hiking, the French Eiffel is one of the best locations in Europe that you can go to. This makes it possible to stay in a hotel and from here explore all the possible ways to hike.