How do you make vegan cupcakes?

Vegan cupcakes

When you are going to make vegan cupcakes, it is going to be difficult. You have to replace the egg by another ingredient. Therefore always search the internet for a tasty vegan cupcakes recipe. For the standard cupcakes also known as the vanilla variant you need the following: Flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, vegetable milk, light brown caster sugar and vanilla extract. The egg is replaced with sunflower oil in this recipe. It's a delicious variation and maybe even better in taste. It needs as much baking time as normal cupcakes, around 20 minutes at 175 degrees.

What are vegan cupcakes?

Vegan cupcakes are almost indistinguishable from so-called normal cupcakes. The only thing changed in the recipe is that the milk is vegetable based and the eggs are omitted. Many people use sunflower oil instead of an egg, but you can also use another vegetable oil. Vegan products are becoming more and more important for people and the future generation. We are more and more concerned about the fate of animals and nature. By using plant-based and vegan products, you reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions and also provide a better life for animals.

Where to buy vegan cupcakes

Besides pastry there are also bakeries that start selling vegan cupcakes. You have these in different flavors and variations. The most popular types you can get online or at the bakery are the red velvet and sea salt caramel cupcake. But you can also amaze your visitors with a lemon meringue or lavender cupcake. You will think lavender is something I use on the toilet but nothing is further from the truth. The flavor of lavender gives a very fresh taste and is perfect for all kinds of cakes. But also classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry you can get as a vegan cupcake. Also recommended for people with a lactose allergy because this only contains vegetable milk you have no lactose.

Baking with your children

Nothing is more fun on a Sunday afternoon than baking cupcakes with the whole family. But go crazy and make vegan cupcakes. These are even tastier than normal cupcakes because no animal products are used. Especially among young girls this is one more reason to bake them. But also more and more boys are animal fanatics and revolt against animal suffering. It is also fun to do something together that you can customize to your own taste. Or what about making nice drawings or texts on the cupcake. The recipe is not that different from an original cupcake and you can create many different flavors. Contribute to a more sustainable society where animals and nature are at the forefront.

What's so great about a vegan cupcake?

What makes vegan cupcakes so delicious is that they do not taste slightly different than those from the bakery on the corner. This is mainly because milk is replaced by vegetable milk, which has a nice edge to the taste. But also by leaving out the egg and replacing it with oil, you get a slightly creamier taste. Many people are satisfied with the taste, but of course it also plays a part in being more aware of nature and people. It is advisable to ask your baker or supermarket about this. This way you can experience this too, and more and more shops and bakeries are participating in the vegan way.

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

To make vegan chocolate cupcakes you need dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is always 100% vegan. Furthermore, you add the familiar ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. The vegan cupcakes recipe is almost the same as regular chocolate cupcakes only the eggs are left out. These are replaced by vegetable oil. Also the milk should be replaced by vegetable milk to make a vegan variant. Furthermore, a little bit of apple cider vinegar is recommended to bring out the flavors. A decoration tip is to crumble some extra chocolate for the garnish. In terms of calories it is still just as unhealthy but we can sin once in a while.

Red velvet vegan cupcakes

You can make vegan red velvet cupcakes with soy milk, cocoa, sugar and salt. But you also need apple cider vinegar and vanilla extract for that unique taste. To get the nice red color you can use red food coloring. Be careful not to use too much of this because it will not be good for the taste. Instead of eggs you can use sunflower oil to make it vegan, and for the butter filling you can use vegetable butter in combination with powdered sugar. You can add a little bit of soy milk to make it softer. But often the hard texture is the best. You can also add some vanilla extract. You can make it as fun and crazy as you want.

The trend in vegan products

The popularity of vegan products is increasing, also for cupcakes. Many bakers find that it is not only easier to make but also tastier. By replacing eggs by sunflower oil, you do not need to beat for minutes anymore, as sunflower oil adheres much better. It's also for the benefit of the customer. We all want to do our bit for an environment- and animal-friendly society.