What is an organic supermarket?

Organic supermarket

An organic supermarket only has products for an organic lifestyle. This is not only better for your health but also for the environment. This is because they take into account the emissions and welfare of animals. Organic products also have a fuller and more natural taste. However, the cultivation of organic products costs a lot more and that is why they are more expensive in the organic supermarket. This keeps people away to some extent but despite this we have recently seen an increase in the number of people buying organic products.
All items you find there are without fragrance and colorants. But there are also no preservatives added so you get a unique and better taste.

When can a supermarket call itself an organic supermarket?

An organic supermarket is a shop that exclusively sells organic products. You do have to meet a number of conditions. The most important one is that no smell, colour or flavourings have been added. In addition, no preservatives may be used. Also, the farmer must receive a fair price for his products. If you meet these requirements, you can start your own business. You will soon notice that people are becoming fans of the products. There is much more taste and you contribute to a better environment. Often the products can also be traced back to their origin. Usually it is a local farmer in your area. So you are not only contributing to a better environment but also to fair trade for the local farmer.

The difference between normal and organic supermarket

The biggest difference between a supermarket and an organic supermarket is the way the products are grown. When they are grown organically the farmer not only gets a fair price but also no unnecessary substances are added. Some people also call it "junk food". You can find an organic version of almost any product. So that should no longer be a reason not to eat organic. The only thing that can be improved is the price ratio between organic and non-organic. Because of the higher price, many people do not buy organic products and that is a step that can be taken in the future.

What can you buy at the organic supermarket?

You can buy almost anything at an organic supermarket. The basic needs like bread, vegetables, fruit and dairy. The offer differs per branch but there are also several alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available organically.

The switch to an organic supermarket

The main reason that people switch to an organic supermarket is that they are more sure about the products. Nowadays there are too many so-called quality marks that are not always correct. In an organic supermarket, you will only find organic products. Food watchdog Foodwatch regularly publishes articles about the authenticity and deception of these products. However, more and more large supermarkets are also working with good organic products. Because of this, you can often recognise them in the shop. The price difference is often in the quantity that can be purchased. For example, in a small branch the price is usually higher than in a large branch. A switch should also be made gradually. The first organic store was already there in the 80s. But in recent years they are really on the map.

What are the conditions for an organic supermarket

An organic supermarket should first and foremost only carry 100% organic products. You can often recognize this by the commonly known BIO labels. Next to that they try as much as possible to sell EKO products. These products are obtained in an honest and responsible way for a fair price. Many of these supermarkets also have a regional assortment. This is not only delicious but also a responsible choice. The local farmer gets a fair price for his organically grown products. For fruit and vegetables, you will often notice that there is no packaging. This is better for the environment and against waste.

Where is the best place to buy organic products?

In the first place, the organic supermarket is known as the best place to buy 100% organic stuff. A large part of these products you can trace as a consumer. So you know where it comes from and whether a fair price has been paid. By buying organic you also support the local farmers. On the second place you find the big supermarket chains. The prices of 100% organic products will not differ from the organic store. However, it is wiser to buy from an organic store. This is because often no packaging materials are used which is better for the environment. On the last place are the discounters. They often have a limited range of organic products. It is therefore very difficult to do your daily shopping here.

The future generation

If you want a better future for your children or grandchildren, choose an organic supermarket. This way you contribute to a better environment and a lower use of pesticides. Because the products are grown in a natural way, insects get a fair chance. Nevertheless, you must also think of the farmer. If we do not change over to organic products, they will continue to receive too low a price. Nobody wants that and therefore they deserve a fair price. In addition, it is also much better for your health. You get the good vitamins and nutrients inside. And this results in a better resistance.